• If you want to change the way you look, you have to change the way you eat. This program has totally transformed my body and the way I feel.

    Andriette B.

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Are you ready to take your health seriously?

You have started a dozen different diets and none of them have worked. You’ve got to be wondering… how is Take My Health Back different from the others? The difference is we understand will power can be a fairweathered friend and we are here to help you when your willpower is gone. We will teach you to eat for your health, and the weight loss will follow, but the best part is we will be right alongside you the entire way, cheering you on, and helping you find your motivation and discipline when you are discouraged. Your success is our goal!

Personalized Meal Plans

Built to get you healthy regardless of age, weight or body type

Daily schedule to promote healthy eating habits

Numerous custom recipes with easy to follow instructions

Personal Coaching

Get started in the right direction

Our staff will empower you to get prepared for your life change!

No guessing

Our program is laid out for you from start to finish. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Staying strong

Coaches have the knowledge to get you through the tough days and keep you on track. They have done it themselves!


Receive daily inspiration and have contact with your personal coach whenever you need them. We are here for you.


  • Connect with others on the same path
    with the same struggles
  • Before and after success wall - get your brag on!
  • Q&A with local health and wellness profssionals
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  • Angie's Story

    I’m so happy to introduce myself as part of the TMHB team. On March 7th of this year, I met Michael Calkins at my son’s birthday party and he shared his clean eating plan with me. I started on it two days later, and I’m happy to report I’ve lost 60 pounds since that time. Stick with it! It works!
    The weight loss has made it worth the hard work and sacrifice, but there is a more important reason why I needed this plan. I have a genetic condition where my immune system doesn’t fight cancer properly, and as a result I’ve had cancer 4 times. Because of this problem, I’ve always known it was crucial for me to eat healthy and be fit. So I exercised regularly and I tried every diet out there, but my weight was a constant battle. Though I am a well-educated and well-adjusted person, my struggle with food and weight frequently made me feel like a failure. I started believing that people who were thin and fit simply had more self-control than I had. Now I know this is not true, and if you ever feel that way STOP.
    Whatever your struggle, whether it be adjusting to a major life change, health challenges, or just years of bad habits, believe in yourself. You can make positive transformations and live the life you want. When you are having a hard day and you feel yourself turning to junk food for support, lean on Michael or me until you can believe in yourself again! Take My Health Back is about support, understanding and forgiveness. Everyday won’t be perfect, but if you don’t give up, good health will become a way of life. We all need a little motivation now and then, and we want to hear from you! Set your goals and remind yourself everyday WHY you want to reach them. You can do it!

  • Kayla's Story

    Being healthy and fit has always been something I've enjoyed taking part in, but for most of my life, I spent more time dabbling in it than I actually did embracing it. It wasn't until I had my first child that I truly realized how much passion I really have for living a happy and healthy lifestyle and wanting to help others do the same. Having my son really showed me that I want to set an example and help people along the way. I'm still on my own personal journey and am enjoying the ride it's taking me on and I am so blessed to have become involved with such a great company like Take My Health Back. They really helped me to take charge of my nutrition while I focused on also bettering myself through fitness. Exercise is something I'm extremely passionate about (as is eating healthy) and the two together have enabled me to become a more healthy and fit version of myself than I was even in high school. I'm proud to say that I have never felt better about myself. I am so happy that I'm involved with such an amazing company and cannot wait for the future and what it holds.

Success Stories

Our lifestyle was developed by individuals looking to change both physically and mentally. After years of experimenting with programs, it has come down to this; if you eat clean with light exercise, YOU WILL lose fat, gain muscle, and become fit.

Take a Peek Inside TMHB

Cooking with Chef Scott Commings

Michael Calkins and Chef Scott Commings came together to create amazing recipes using nothing but ingredients from the Take My Health Back plan!

Scott C.

"I've dropped 4 pant sizes!"

Claudia F.

"I've lost 25 pounds!"

Mari Q.

"I don't feel alone"

Recipe search / Meal builder

It is important for everyone to understand that food that is good for you doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. Chef Scott Commings has created amazing recipes with easy to follow instructions that will help you become a master in the kitchen. Search recipes based on your favorite foods, build your weekly plan, print or download your shopping list and take the steps to a new heathier you!

Training programs

  • 3 levels of exercise to go along with each phase and your changing body
  • Direct contact with a personal certified trainer to help you with questions and reaching your goals
  • Customized training programs built specifically for you based on your needs, injuries or limitations
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